Nearly half the population of America drinks soda. Resulting in roughly 108 MILLION aluminum cans being thrown away per day. That’s money and recycling efforts that could be made. From soda cans to aluminum food cans, there are plenty of ways to make some money from your everyday life.

Where can you find more aluminum cans for scrap?

Collecting your own cans is the first step but other people take it upon themselves to help the environment around them as well. You can walk around parking lots at sporting events (think tailgating parties) or whenever you take a trip to the beach (especially around spring break). You can designate trash cans for cans at a birthday party or holiday event. Most likely friends and family will have beer, soda or other beverages in aluminum cans. You can collect littered cans at parks or walking around your neighborhood or place of business. Try to have plastic bags in your car for these spur of the moment opportunities. Pick up littered cans and bring them home to add to your own growing collection.

How to get more bang for your buck?

Whenever you finish a canned drink, rinse and place it upside down for draining. Once they’ve dried you should crush them and bag them up. Saving your cans until you have a huge bulk amount is better than bringing in one small trash bag at a time. It also feels very rewarding to have a bigger profit in the end!