Q:What all do  I need to sell materials?

A: You need a valid ID and be the rightful owner or permission to sell the material.

Q:How do you pay me or value my materials?

A: We pay in cash or check, and all materials are paid by weight at the days’ certain market value.

Q:Do you sell materials to the public?

A: No, sorry we do not sell any materials to the public.

Q:What is the price for such  and such?

A: For current prices, please feel free to e-mail or call.
Scrap@CoastalMetalRecycling.com or 713-690-6777

Q:Do you have pick up services?

A: We do not do pick ups for residential scrap customers but we do pick-ups for commercial and industrial scrap customers.

Contact us for further information on pick-ups.

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