Scrap Brass Recycling

Recycle your unwanted brass scrap metal at Coastal Metal Recycling. Almost 90% of brass is recycled. Help preserve Houston’s environment and get paid for your effort.

houston scrap metal brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Yellow brass and red brass are the most common.  You can find yellow brass in your home from under-the-counter plumbing to keys to just about anything. Red brass is less common.  It is called “red” due to the higher copper content in the alloy.  Although it is not as widely used as yellow brass, you can usually find red brass in sprinklers and valves.

Reasons to Recycle Brass Scrap Metal:

  • Preserve non-renewable metals
  • Less mining
  • Lower production costs

Brass Scrap Metal We Accept

Plumber’s brass (fittings, tubing, valves, etc.)

Brass casting

Rod Brass

Brass Pipe

Brass Radiators

Hair Wire

Brass Ammunition Shells (we will not accept live ammo)

Help us save Houston.

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