Scrap Copper Recycling is a Good Investment

Scrap Copper recycling is a great way to contribute to Houston’s recycling movement. At Coastal Metal Recycling, we give you the incentive to play a part in creating a sustainable Houston by giving you top scrap metal prices for your unwanted scrap copper.

Recycling scrap copper contributes to half the amount of copper that goes into new products!

Benefits of recycling scrap copper:
– It saves other non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.
– Recycling requires 85% less energy than mining.
– Costs for products containing copper are kept low.

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Know Your Copper
Scrap copper is priced per pound by the metal and scrap markets and prices can fluctuate daily. There are many grades of copper and are adjusted based on the grade and other criteria.

First, the best prices are:
– #1 Copper- is clean unalloyed, unsoldered, uncoated copper such       as pipes, tubes, clippings, punchings, plates and bus bars.
– #2 Copper is copper that has been altered through plating, coating, soldered, sealed treated, or heavy oxidized

Other copper items that have less value are:
– #1 and #2 Insulated copper wire (copper wire with plastic insulation)
– Copper AC coils, electrical motors, compressors, transformers
– Finally, Copper machining such as fine shavings, turnings and lite copper sheets and guttering

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Scrap Copper – Items We Accept

Insulated and bare copper wire and communication wires.

Tubing, piping and fittings from residential and commercial uses.

As well as kitchen items such as pots, pans, and utensils.

Sheets, roofing copper sheets and gutters and electrical bus bars.

Transformers, compressors, electrical motors.

Call us today at 713-690-6777 and get the best Houston scrap copper prices.