Spring Cleaning and Scrap Metal Recycling

Spring is almost here! The signs are all around us!

For many, spring time equals spring cleaning. If you are in the middle of clearing out your own clutter, don’t forget to put valuable scrap metal to the side so that you can take advantage of recycling it!

This is a great time to take advantage of our skills as a scrap metal recycling facility. Keep an eye out for seasonal outside events that will be great for finding scrap metal recycling, spring cleaning scrap metalscrap metal. Here are some great places to look:


People are always posting free items or low cost items that they are looking to get rid of on Craigslist. Remember to keep safety in mind and take advantage of the many Craigslist transaction safe place initiatives.

Yard Sales

With spring upon us, garage sales are more and more common. Watch for signs at the front of subdivisions, check the newspaper, and online or community sites. Garage sales are great for finding appliances for recycling!

Student Housing

With the end of the Winter semester in the near future you will begin to see large piles outside of campus dorms and apartments. College students tend to leave behind what they can’t haul home, and for a savvy scrap metal recycler this may mean a great opportunity!

We hope you enjoy the spring weather and hope to see you at our scrap metal recycling facility rain or shine located at 14002 Hempstead Rd. Houston, TX 77040

Items we’ll take from your garage or home:
old car batteries, old stainless sinks, stainless faucets, doorknobs, aluminum window frames, aluminum cans, copper piping, brass faucets, aluminum or steel gutters, household copper wiring, extension cords, old aluminum and stainless steel pots& pans, broken copper and brass decorations, aluminum or steel patio furniture, all junk metal such as bikes, appliances, lawn mowers etc.